RED Platform Project Update Weeks 27-30

2022 RED Project Update – weeks 27-30

RED Platform Project Update Weeks 27-30As we are approaching the month of August, new feature releases have been focused on maintenance, support and preparation for the upcoming business steps to be completed. Even if you can’t see a major visual difference on the RED Platform, the results will become visible, with the rapidly-approaching publications, projects, partnerships and releases. The main highlights for the past month and some of the following:

New RED Italian Franchise

No doubt that last week’s main novelty was the acquisition of the new RED Franchise in Italy. We welcome ACQ RED franchise to our team and wish them good luck in this new endeavour.

As we have already discussed with its owner, the new franchisee has amazing plans for the following years. If you have any questions for them, let us know at and we will make sure you will get the answers.

RED Franchises are available in the majority of countries around the world and allow their owners access to features, tools and know-how together with the RED Team to develop a successful business in Sustainability. Until now, the franchisees have developed custom projects, have custom structures for creating new tokens and have put together a plan to positively impact the environment through projects, developments and innovation.

New launches

The following 3 months will be filled with long-awaited news, releases and launches, including new franchises, projects and partnerships. Looking forward to sharing with you the news, updates and ideas we have been working on. The development of the RED Platform has been advancing on many fronts, and even if you might not have seen palpable changes, we thank you for supporting us and contributing in so many ways to improve the product.

Upcoming franchises to be purchased

As we mentioned before, we already know of a large number of franchises that will be purchased in the following months, in accordance with the development of the features in the project, listings and RED Standard new releases. We will be sharing the good news with you and we’ll also be preparing video and written materials with the experience the franchisees will have along the way.

Sustainable projects to be onboarded

As the project advances to a full publication, we are also onboarding different already-certified sustainable projects to complete the flow for companies and individuals who calculate and desire to offset their carbon footprint.

The completion of this flow will allow franchisees to offer a full service to their customers and thanks to the diversity of the projects, they will be able to offset according to their clients’ preferences.

As we discuss with our franchisees, we will onboard more projects that will help offset their clients’ carbon footprint, according to location, industry and SDGs.

New RED Carbon Standard Certification team

We have also been working behind the scenes to build an effective carbon certification team that will manage the sustainable projects that will come for certification. We have already introduced in the RED community our colleague Ariana Stevanovic, who has been working with Casiana, our Head of Sustainability, for several months now, has already learned many of the processes and flows and is extremely prepared. For those of you who do not know her yet, please meet: Ariana Stevanovic, our sustainability expert.

We are in advanced discussions with a new expert hire for the team who will take over part of Casiana’s responsibilities and will lead the team. But more about her and her background in future updates.

We have already had various discussions over the last 6 months with sustainable project developers who are interested in carbon certificates and being certified with the RED Standard. As the RED Standard will launch, we are going to begin project management and consultation for them and other new projects that will apply for carbon certification with us.

Online product and user acquisition


We already mentioned that we are working on a new, completely rebranded website that has the selling channels and marketing funnels organized for better user experience, product acquisition and automatization.

Purchase process and automatization

The process for purchasing carbon credits has been analyzed to be implemented not only in the RED Platform app but also on the public website, giving the projects more visibility and direct access.

For this purpose, a set of automatizations and improvements are being put into place to make the flows easier for users.

The new flow will allow purchases with a credit card directly from the website while developing the purchase and stake of MWAT automatically in the back-end of the app. More details about this feature will be discussed in further updates.

Projects in development

A bunch of very exciting news is coming in the following 2-3 months regarding a renewable-energy-related project that will help users purchase electricity and enjoy benefits from it at much lower prices than the market price. For now, we can assure you that it is innovative, blockchain-based and will support both energy producers and consumers. More details soon.

We hope you have enjoyed this small abstract of what’s going on behind the scenes at RED Platform. The team has been working around the clock and you will be able to enjoy the results soon.









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