RED Platform Monthly Project Update - May

2022 RED Project Update – weeks 17-20

RED Platform Monthly Project Update - MayNice to connect with you again in this new format of reporting. As we have already stated, more activity has taken place in the digital development area of the project, as you may have already noticed in our articles.

The first video Tutorial for Claiming GTK was posted as the first collaboration with a member of the community. We would like to know your opinion: do you find it helpful? Would you like us to continue creating this type of material?

This is the first poll we want to have: Was this video explainer useful for you? Please let us know here.

Next media materials will depend on your answers and also our related future posts.

This is our updated status for our task assignment since the start of this year:

The changes in this month

For the month of May, first news is coming from the  Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator, where more subsequent variants are being analyzed and prepared  to be used in specific areas via APIs, like supply chain, travel and delivery services, etc. Detailed materials, progress and updates will have their separate articles on our blog.

RED Standard  – is finalized and, like any other service of this kind, will be published for gathering recommendations from the community and stakeholders. In the meantime, we will start the first assessment using it and we will be glad to show you the results in a short time as the first projects certified by RED will be published.

Germany is now the country added on our official European Franchisees map and we wish a warm welcome to  CO2 Frei, a Munich-based company that will start activating in a short time. The RED Standard will give us the tool needed to have all the arguments for operating in any country as a Sustainability Service Provider, so we aim to close several more franchisee deals in the next weeks.

The Whitepaper V2 is approaching its finalization. At the moment the staking mechanism, benefits, and advantages for MWAT holders are being defined.

The marketing and community team

The Marketing and Community team is becoming one of the most important elements now for growing our image and partnerships, so, as we’ve told you before, this is the first presentation of the members of the team:

Andreea Șoșa is part of the RED Marketing team. She has been a part of the RED team since before the launch of the project and has been closely involved in various stages of the project implementation. She is the one behind the posts, emails, and articles that you see published.

Andreea Vasilica is one of the Community Managers on our main Telegram group and will handle the activities related to our Groups and Channels on Discord and will also have the role to manage the content and activities developed for these channels.

Oana Plotoagă is the Franchise Support Responsible for RED and will be the interface between Franchisees and their needs and RED Platform. The goal is to offer a quick response for any issue that will come to us and to make our customers appreciate our responsiveness and services.

Both Oana Plotoagă and Andreea Vasilica are your direct contact in all our support channels.

As you can see, our public appearances are getting more visible starting with the posts on social media and physical presence at important events like the Intersolar Fair show – Munich or some national conferences – Change4impact by Accenture and Transylmagica. Separate articles will be made to share our experience there and how they are useful to our project.

The Discord channel is entering the building phase and will become the most important community tool in a short time. Themes and subjects are prepared for debates and interviews and we hope it will gain your interest. In any case, we will appreciate your feedback for modeling us in the shape you expect.

The Market Segmentation is done and proper activities for reaching the defined target are starting to be developed for being used in the next period. As our main target is companies, the B2B initiatives will be our priority for the next period.

A new feature, soon to be released and for facilitating the platform usage,  we decided to modify the GTK representation as a tone of CO2 avoidance instead of 1 kg as it was before, so the parity for staking now is 1 MWAT for 1 GTK or 1 REO-G.

The next important milestones

The next important milestones in our business plan are to finalize and bring the Solar NFT project on RED Platform as a source for bringing energy business for individuals, to tokenize the solar parks and trade or use the energy produced there and generate REO-G and GTK tokens using the RED Standard. As the implementation advances, we will share with you the main concepts of a project that builds upon our main goal of energy democratization.

This will be logically followed by the Power Purchase Agreement finalized documents as a tool for trading the energy inside our platform and increasing the MWAT demand for being able to stake and trade the REO-G certificates generated in this way.

The RED Platform tweaks and improvements are numerous and we will also disclose a part of what will follow. Besides the already finished GTK denomination, buying process, and parity with MWAT, we are testing the new mobile versions for iOS and Android, the possibility to use Metamask as a wallet for Zalmoxis blockchain, the NFT Marketplace for Sustainable Projects, and automatic and simplified offsetting in certain conditions.

A network upgrade will come soon and will bring more improvements in Zalmoxis functionalities and a new project that will connect our sustainability part of the business with the NFT tokenization and trading marketplace. More details to come in the following months.

Stay tuned, please Subscribe to all our Social Media channels: Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and soon, Discord, and GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT to make RED known everywhere. It’s time to start to grow together with and for the community!






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RES Status May 30

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