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Supporting companies and individuals in calculating, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint using blockchain technology.

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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

We made it easy for you! You’ll only have to answer a couple of quick questions about your habits to get a clear view of your emissions, whether for your business or your day-to-day life.

This is the starting point for reaching carbon neutrality.
What next?

Reduce Your Emissions

Now that you are aware of your environmental impact, you’re ready to reduce your carbon footprint. Our experts are here to help you achieve that the easy way.
Contact a sustainability expert
Carbon offsetting done right

Purchase Carbon Credits

What if you could have unlimited access to a wide variety of projects certified by local and international standards that you could support by simply buying carbon credits? The RED Sustainability Marketplace makes all of this possible.
Projects Marketplace
Launch a sustainable project

List your
Sustainable Projects

On the RED Platform you can list your sustainable projects, issue carbon credits and find demand for their purchase online and through our network of franchisees.
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A Win-Win Approach

Offset Your Carbon

You made it to the final step for reaching carbon neutrality. Offset your remaining carbon footprint by supporting our sustainable projects, and we’ll reward you with a Sustainability Certificate registered on the blockchain for the purchased carbon credits.
Become carbon neutral
Introducing the GTK Tokens

Claim Green Attributes for Sustainable Actions

We offer a GTK or a Green Token to incentivize renewable energy consumption.
Quick win: We reward all sustainable actions with green tokens. With the click of a button, you can claim yours and use them to offset your emissions.
Claim Green Tokens
Obtain carbon credits for your sustainable project

RED Carbon Standard

Looking to break the ice and make an impact with a sustainable project?
With the RED Standard, you’ll be able to launch your sustainable project, issue carbon credits on the RED Platform and publish your existing projects to reach new clients.

Business Solutions

100% Transparency

Blockchain Sustainability System

Enjoy the benefits of using a complete blockchain system to calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint, all in one spot.
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Social & environmental responsibility

ESG Tokens

We've built the RED Platform around your unique needs so that you can launch sustainable projects on the blockchain through a simple online process.
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Understand your business & its impact

Business Carbon Footprint

Are you leading your company in sustainability? We’re giving you the perfect tools to calculate your company’s carbon footprint, reduce it and use sustainable projects to offset the remaining carbon emissions.
Start your own

RED Franchise

Join the RED Platform and open your own sustainability business with international potential and immediately access calculation, offset and carbon reduction tools.
Become a business partner
Sustainable high-tech


With our API service, you’ll be able to display RED tools and products on your website, such as a carbon footprint calculator or offset options from our offer. And so, you too can offer sustainability-related high-tech solutions to your clients with no effort whatsoever.
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Renewable Energy

Carbon Credits

You removed 1 ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through renewable energy production? Then you get a carbon credit. It’s that easy to access the environmental benefits of your actions, big or small. Start by listing your renewable energy project on the RED Marketplace.
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Renewable Energy Tracking

Calling all renewable energy producers!
Claim your REO-G, the green attributes that track the renewable energy you produce, using blockchain technology. You can then sell them on our Sustainability Marketplace to users for offsetting them their carbon footprint.
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RED Solar NFTs

Could this be the path to a brighter future? We designed the perfect tool to connect solar project developers with retail investors around the globe by unlocking the potential of PV solar energy.

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