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The Benefits of Proprietary Blockchain


Our blockchain-based platform
where innovation, sustainability, and state-of-the-art technology meet.
The whole idea behind Zalmoxis was to empower you, the Climate Changer, through a holistic approach to sustainability.

We made the switch to Proof of Reputation (PoR), a more advanced and secure version of Proof of Authority (PoA).

As a first step, RED will choose the initial validators, and then the automated system will take over the selection process.

Validators will include electricity companies, investment funds, environmental protection organizations, and other companies that provide green products and services.

RED Solar NFT -
The WHY and the HOW

Derived from an improved Ethereum codebase, the new and upgraded blockchain aims to address the scaling problem in addition to speed and customization.
All Ethereum wallets and development tools are compatible with Zalmoxis by default, making it easier to integrate or accommodate similar projects and future collaborations.

Speed (TPS)

Going from 13 transactions a second to 1300+ TPS.

Improved networking

Signers will communicate directly with each other. Specifically, once a node finishes signing, it sends the signed block to other Signers from the authorized Signers' list before sending it to a replication node. And so, the authorized Signers get the required information as fast as possible while offloading blockchain and API queries for the rest of the network to dedicated replica nodes.
The replication layer exists for Non-Signer nodes (everyone else) to request blocks and query the state using a read-only API. Because the replication layer is read-only, we horizontally scale to satisfy the requirements of a worldwide scale set of users.

RED uses brand-new technology to create and store fast and lightweight nodes.


Switching to POR allows us to dramatically decrease the energy usage needed to process the transactional blocks. The network effect should be somewhere between 1,000x to 10,000x greener.
Switching to POR allows us to dramatically decrease the energy usage needed to process the transactional blocks. The network effect should be somewhere between 1,000x to 10,000x greener.
Nodes will only require a small fraction of this energy to process transactions, run smart contracts and verify blocks.

Zalmoxis Architecture Overview

Zero gas fees

Using its own blockchain Zalmoxis (private Ethereum), RED records internal transactions in a network with nodes completely without gas costs within the countries with existing franchises.

Security and transparency

Every 24 hours, an encrypted hash will be registered on the public Ethereum network with all internal transactions on RED.


RED franchises of any level can also become verifiers for green certification transactions, REO-G, and GTK token issuance.

Blockchain node operators

Franchises will be able to operate a local instance of the RED PaaS platform through a local blockchain node that will synchronize with the global network. RED will provide the turnkey management infrastructure so that franchisees can intuitively set and deploy their own Node in RED Blockchain in a few clicks.

Proof of Authority Access

RED will provide PoA access to franchisees who will operate the nodes so that it gives them access to private keys.

However, RED can and will revoke the franchisee's authority at any given moment in case of inappropriate behavior; the backend engine will automatically calculate the compute and storage scale required to operate the node in the form of gas costs.

These costs will be paid in MWAT by the node operators. The size of the node operated by the franchisee will be directly proportional to the size of the MWAT stake.

MWAT Payment Gateway for MWAT

To be built in the form of an API through which online payment with MWAT can be easily integrated on partner merchant sites.

Proprietary wallet

Will include specific applications and functions.

Smart contract generator

Franchises will be able to use it in a simple and intuitive visual way to launch their smart contract in RED Blockchain or on the ETH public and their own token for different needs.

New tokens creation

RED franchises will have the possibility to list newly created tokens on the RED Exchange in pairs with MWAT.

Zalmoxis and Smart Contracts Generator characteristics

Built as a microservice, Smart Contracts Generator has the functionality to create smart contracts on public ETH or Zalmoxis for generating tokens according to the data received from the main platform through REST API endpoints.
Technology: developed in NodeJS, Express.
Microservice authentication: done by Keycloak.
Both the API and the microservices code will be documented.
Smart contracts are “template” types through which only specific parameters are configurable. Once created, the smart contract gets compiled, and bindings are generated and published on Ethereum networks.
The program will have 2 configurations attached to run on both TestNet and MainNet.
  • First, the program publishes a new smart contract (in binary form) on the ETH chain and then sends a confirmation via REST when the chain confirms the request from pending (to be set on the off-chain platform). When everything is ready off-chain, the smart contract gets published.

  • RED will provide a developer toolkit for developers to create other RED smart templates based on Zalmoxis. Their templates will be available for purchase on the RED Marketplace for those who want to implement them, allowing content creators and authors to receive MWAT for sales.

Network Roles


  • Owns staked MWAT;
  • Can run nodes and earn passive income from fees;
  • Has voting rights based on staked MWAT;
  • Can create new tokens based on sustainable projects;
  • Can propose sustainability schemes for business or claim solutions;
  • Will earn a percentage of fees registered by their sales on the RED Platform.


  • Has all Franchise role properties;
  • Can earn income from validating claims.


  • Has trading rights on the RED Platform;
  • Can propose claim schemes for sustainability actions;
  • Will earn from fees registered under those claims.

Technical Development Roadmap

q4 2022
Solar NFT Project
Q1 2023
Addition of project with NFT Carbon credits
Q2 2023
Third party wallets integration
Blockchain upgrade
Exchange upgrade
Q3 2023
NFT Minting infrastructure
Q4 2023
Nodes and distribution
RED Creator enhancement
Voting right and infrastructure