RED Platform December update

2022 RED Project Update December – weeks 49-53

For the last month of 2022, you could already see the latest updates on our website and application. If you haven’t checked them out, you can browse through our website and app.

As a reminder of what has been implemented at the end of December, you can find a list below and more details in last month’s update:

Also check out the public Carbon Credits Marketplace, from which any user can purchase a sustainability certificate without the need to log into the platform. Users will pay by credit card or PO and will receive by email the certificate with the offset confirmation.

To be implemented January – March

Below you can find a description of the main features that will be implemented on the platform, aligned with the business growth strategy, focusing on converging business needs with already implemented app developments.

New features added compared with the previously shared update:

Sustainable Projects Updates

As we are advancing with the integration of new sustainable projects on the platform and offering unique features for them, we are adding new features that will help in tokenized carbon credits issuance management and in preparation for the RED Carbon Standard Registry integration. These features will cover monthly tokenized carbon credits issuance and public presentation of the project’s documentation.

The sustainable project presentation/registry page design and information will be updated to align with our RED Carbon Standard Registry need, offer transparency, maximize the information offered to users and create a better user experience.

REO-G Updates

In alignment with market-perceived needs regarding the Guarantees of Origin / Renewable Energy Certificates, we are building upon our REO-G system to create an enhanced solution for interested buyers.

Guarantees of Origin are purchased by companies to offset their carbon footprint for Scope 2 emissions, related to their energy consumption. Creating a solution based on blockchain technology, in answer to the needs registered will grow RED Platform’s client base, which will give better visibility to all products sold on the app. More details to come as we begin implementation.  

The following features are also part of the planning for implementation for the following 3 months and they have already been described in our previous update. Should you need more information, please check the details here.

  • RED Apps
  • New RED Exchange
  • Blockchain-based RED Carbon Standard Registry
  • Carbon Credits issuance as NFTs
  • Payments with crypto on fiat purchases
  • Invertor integration for renewable energy production points.

We want that the information in the update to be useful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here

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