red platform October update

RED Project Update October – weeks 40-44

Welcome to the update on the RED Project for the month of October.


RED Carbon Standard

The first RED Carbon Standard-certified project was launched on the 24th of October by our franchisee in Spain and Argentina, Jorge Marcos Madrid.  A total of 53,298 tokenized carbon credits were issued. The project is developed by Worms Argentina SA and the certification process was handled by our RED Franchisee. Read more details about the Worms project on the public project page. A new article on this topic will come soon.

Please welcome our colleague, Alexandra Mirea, our Standard Certification Manager. She has several years of experience in the process of project certification and management. Until now, she has been in touch with our Marketing, IT, and Business development teams in order to develop new features and flows in the RED Carbon Standard certification process. She has also been in touch with our franchisees and clients. We welcome her to the team and we are very grateful for her help and collaboration with the teams!

Public sustainability project marketplace

The sustainability marketplace where RED Platform users purchase carbon certificates is now available without logging in, as well as the sustainable projects pages where information about each project is published.

RED Solar NFT project and RED Solar NFT marketplace

The Solar NFT project and marketplace feature is developed and ready to be released on the RED Platform at the end of this month.

Solar Project Developers will have the opportunity to list their projects on the RED Platform, and sell the use of the solar panels to users as NFTs. By staking the NFTs users will receive benefits based on energy production, energy selling price, carbon credits, and Guarantees of Origin in the form of NFT tokens. More to be released on this topic with the launch of the project.

New franchises on the RED Platform

This month we had 4 franchises joining the RED Platform, in Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, and Argentina.

  • Protonic Green Solutions HR- Croatia
  • Sustainable Netherlands Duijst  – The Netherlands
  • Polaris Network SAS – Argentina
  • Protonic Green Solutions DE – Germany

This is our RED Franchise map at the moment:

RED Franchises Map October 2022

We keep close communication with our franchisees and offer them support in developing the business. The majority of our franchisees are seeking to develop their business in the sustainability field.

New Website

RED Platform will have a new, clearer, more organized webpage, as well as a RED Carbon Standard webpage. During the month of November, both will be published!

The new webpage will allow users to easily purchase carbon credits, and offset certificates and access the carbon footprint calculator.

In development, pending being released

Purchasing carbon certificates and offsetting without a RED Platform account

Purchasing carbon credits will be available directly from the website for all users through credit card payment. Opening this option to every user that visits our webpage increases not only the projects’ visibility but also eases the carbon footprint offset for the users.

RED Apps

Updates on the RED Apps are in development, pending to be released.

RED Solar NFT Updates

Advancing on the RED NFT Project, there are a series of improvements in development for the soon-to-be-released feature we mentioned before.

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The next update will be on Monday, the 5th of December.

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