Restart Energy Democracy – RED

is the first decentralized platform on the market that contributes to CO2 reduction:

Every individual & company can

receive free GTK tokens, offset their CO2 footprint and start a franchise business and help others to become sustainable

Renewable energy producers

can request guarantees of origin on the blockchain as REO-G tokens.

Investors & project developers

can build and grow successful sustainable projects on the blockchain.

Sustainable Projects

Contribute to the health of our planet


Worms SA-Bio Compost

Worms Argentina SA
1 Project | Arroyo Seco, Argentina

WORMS ARGENTINA S.A. is dedicated to specific environmental sanitation tasks that seek to contribute to the development of a balance between society, business and the environment, for which it is responsible for researching and providing viable and sustainable solutions to complex issues such as urban solid waste, non-hazardous liquid and solid organic waste, as well as out-of-use tires.


GHG emission reduction by thermal oxidation

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited
1 Project | Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, India

Under this project activity, GFL has installed, operates and maintains an HFC-23 collection and thermal oxidation system to decompose HFC-23 into its products of combustion.


Forestry Restoration in Productive and Biological Corridors in the Eastern Plains of Colombia

Bosques de la Primavera S.A
1 Project | La Primavera, Colombia

The Project for Forestry Restoration in Productive and Biological Corridors in the Eastern Plains of Colombia has as its objective to employ the international carbon market as a key incentive for investments in new commercial forest plantations and restoration of natural forests in the remote High Orinoco region of Colombia. The project is based on changing the use of land from extensive cattle ranching to sustainable forest production systems, restoring natural forest cover, and creating a landscape of biological and productive corridors that produce financial, social and environmental services for the region.


São João Landfill Gas to Energy Project

Biogás Energia Ambiental S.A.
1 Project | São João, Brazil

Our project captures methane and generates electricity by burning it.


Biomass Energy Conservation Programme

Hestian Innovation Ltd
1 Project | Aaron, Malawi

The Biomass Energy Conservation (BEC) POA is a voluntary initiative by Hestian Innovation Ltd. (Hestian) which aims to promote sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable biomass fuel through dissemination of improved household cookstoves in Malawi and Rwanda. Each CPA will consist of a number of improved cookstoves (ICS), such as the Chitetezo Mbaula or Canarumwe stoves, or others as specified in each CPADD.


Substitution of fossil fuels for the use of sustainable biofuels manufactured by Gunvor Biodiesel Berantevilla S.L.

Gunvor Biodiesel Berantevilla S.L.
1 Project | Berantevilla, Spain

Calculation of mitigations of GHG emissions due to the operation of a biofuel plant owned by Gunvor Biodiesel Berantevilla S.L. The GHG emissions mitigations consequent of the biofuel consumption and, therefore substitution of the fossil fuel use, are greater than the ones that would occur if the said plant would not be in operation.

Saving the Earth is teamwork

With RED you can take part in reducing global emissions today. Our blockchain-based platform makes CO2 offset easy, transparent, and accessible for everyone. On the platform, we focus on:

Helping companies and individuals to become sustainable

Increasing the production of green energy

Setting incentives to increase the consumption of green energy

Developing and supporting sustainable projects

We make CO2 offset rewarding and accessible for everyone by providing an easy-to-use framework with minimum overhead for consumers and companies alike on blockchain technology with an efficient token economy.

Together we will build an innovative ecosystem that will promote the development of a sustainable future:

CO2 offset solutions for companies

Development of green projects

Green Bitcoin mining

Incentivization for green actions

The transition to sustainability,
made easy with RED:

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing green, earth-friendly solutions.
  2. Register your sustainable actions on the RED platform and receive green tokens.
  3. Offset your carbon footprint through an innovative blockchain system.

promoting sustainable projects based on blockchain technology.

We help you launch your own sustainable project on the blockchain.

Are you a responsible consumer?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner?

Are you a green energy producer?


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