2023 RED Project Update May – weeks 18-22

During May, the RED team has been working on a series of design upgrades, feature improvements and the full development of the RED Carbon Standard Registry, hiring new team members, planning a launch and sale strategy, and supporting our franchisees in their different projects.

The Development team has begun a refactoring and update process on the RED Platform, bringing a new design to the RED Platform. While they will work on this upgrade, there will also be development work on new features, improving functionalities and UX upgrades.

While we are advancing in various directions toward reaching the RED Platform’s goals, we are eager to keep in touch with you and help you grasp the project’s dimensions, structure and growth in the following months.

RED Platform Features

The RED project has advanced, even if it wasn’t on the front end of the application, in three main directions: renewable energy, carbon markets (sustainable projects, carbon credits trading, sustainability) and sustainability reporting and strategy for companies (soon to be presented).

For a bigger clarity on the project, which we desire for our community, we will be explaining the development done on the platform in these three areas. We believe that the concepts will be clearer for both franchisees and project supporters.

In the past 3 months, the team has been working on the following:

Sustainability and carbon credits

As already announced, the RED Carbon Standard Registry is close to being released on our platform. The Registry will complete our solution for sustainable projects certification through the RED Carbon Standard. The Standard will issue the carbon credits as NFT RED tokens and will offer full traceability on our blockchain.

Sustainability Reporting for Companies

The RED PM team has been collaborating with experts in business solutions for Reporting services in order to open a new service through the platform. We are excited about this project and we will share with you the details as soon as we can. This feature will increase not only our platform users, but also our franchise structure and will help our franchisees to diversify their business offer.

In the following months, up to September, our focus will also be on the following areas:

Renewable Energy

As you know, we, as energy suppliers and renewable project developers, will develop new features in our area of expertise. This is one of our goals, to bring new solutions to a market where the consumer is limited to a fixed structure.

Our followers already know that we have worked on a special project that will ease access to renewable energy for anyone, independently of whether they live in a house or an apartment. This project is called Solar NFT.

Through this project, we will open the possibilities for our clients to purchase renewable energy panels, install them in a solar park and benefit from the energy produced by them or from the monetary benefits generated by them. In addition, the solar projects will have access to RED Carbon Standard certification and carbon credit issuance and to REO-G.

The legal structure for this project is 90% completed and we believe this feature will give you new personal and business opportunities.

The RED Team 

The RED Carbon Standard Team has now grown to 9 people. They will manage the standard’s growth, documentation, procedures, training, project management, etc.

We also have new colleagues in the Development team. They will support the launch of new features, increase delivery speed and help us take the project to the next step.

The Marketing team is also growing, as well as other departments that we will present to you in the following months.

We can’t wait for you to meet the team, engage with them and take part in the consolidation of the project, as well as launching new features together.

Upcoming for June-August – Other Features

  • New deposit method through Coinpayments integration
  • Crypto payment method for all products on the platform through Binance integration.
  • Data updates
    • Carbon footprint calculation for companies
    • Terms and conditions
  • Billing back-office updates
  • Sustainability updates
    • Sustainability Certificate
    • New NFT token for carbon footprint calculations registered on the blockchain
  • RED Carbon Standard website

The following updates up to October will be released as soon as we have news, releases and new projects. The articles may not coincide with the first week of each month, but stay close and you’ll be informed in time!

We want the information in the update to be helpful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here

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