RED Platform Update - March

2023 RED Project Update March – weeks 10-13

As we do each month, we are bringing you the latest updates related to the RED Platform, RED Standard features and business developments. During the month of March, we focused on the following streams:

  • REO-G implementation
  • Public carbon footprint calculation and offset
  • Huawei inverters integration
  • Registry implementation
  • New NFT token for carbon credits issuance

REO-G and Huawei inverters integration

As you already know, the REO-G token has been upgraded for better traceability, usability and a fully integrated billing system. REO-G’s new system will be launched on Monday, April 10th, when we will share with you a full feature description in a new article.

REO-G will maintain its usage for tracking renewable energy production on the blockchain. The integration with the different types of inverters (SMA and Huawei) will allow automatic REO-G minting for the users.

Public carbon footprint calculation and offset

With the scope of allowing any user to calculate their carbon footprint, the individual carbon footprint calculator will be available on our website with a final offset option after the end of the calculation.

Users offsetting with this option will receive a Sustainability Certificate by email and the possibility of redeeming the certificate as an NFT if they create an account on the RED Platform.


Regarding the features that the team has in development at the moment, during the month of April the focus will be on the new NFT token that will be used for issuing carbon credits for sustainable projects and its integration with RED Standard Registry.

Using blockchain technology enables our platform to integrate a unique layer of transparency on the RED Standard Registry. Tracking a tokenized carbon credit from issuance to retirement will be available in Registry entries that will be backed by TX IDs on the Zalmoxis blockchain for each action.

These two major features will be available approximately by the end of April and we will share all the necessary information with all of you.

Upcoming for April-May

  • New deposit method through Coinpayments integration
  • Crypto payment method for all products on the platform through Binance integration.
  • Stripe integration as a payment system.
  • Data updates
    • Carbon footprint calculation for companies
    • Terms and conditions
  • Billing back-office updates
  • Sustainability updates
    • Sustainability Certificate
    • New NFT token for carbon footprint calculations
    • Integration with third parties

We want the information in the update to be helpful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here

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