Green practices that reduce your carbon footprint

Green Practices that Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Green practices that reduce your carbon footprintSave Mother Earth! You must have heard this phrase several times by now with environmentalists and activists trying to raise awareness on the issue of climate change. This has become a serious issue today as several summits are being held to curb global warming and reduce the carbon footprint of every nation.

However, you need to understand the carbon footprint and how it is calculated. This article will deal with this topic along with how carbon footprints affect our planet and what are some of the green practices you can gear your life towards…

What is the carbon footprint, and how to calculate it?

The daily actions of humans generate a significant number of greenhouse gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide, which are harmful to the environment. The total amount of these greenhouse gasses emitted is known as the carbon footprint. It is created as a result of human activities like burning fossil fuels, transportation, the felling of trees, etc.

When it comes to calculation, you need to keep in mind that carbon footprint is calculated based on consumption patterns and not the production rate. Therefore, it is mainly associated with goods being imported into your country, international transportation, and shipping.

There are different tools used to calculate the carbon footprint of individuals, organizations, and businesses. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, along with ISO 14064, is a few of these tools used across the world and are considered quite reliable. You can also find calculators on the internet that have been created by prestigious institutions like the Nature Conservancy and British Petroleum. The RED Platform has just launched its own Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator and it is accessible to every trader as part of the services offered by our franchises. As an individual, you can also calculate your carbon footprint using the regular calculator that is easily accessible from the platform’s main menu.

How does carbon footprint affect our planet?

The USA has the world’s largest carbon footprint. According to a report by the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre and the United Nations Development Programme released in 2004, on average, any US citizen has a carbon footprint of 20 tons. The average across the world is close to 4 tons.

This average statistics varies across different countries. As per the reports of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, almost 25% of the greenhouse emissions in 2010 had been as a result of electricity and heat production. The same report also stated that industrial emissions like dangerous chemicals created 21% of greenhouse emissions.

A high carbon footprint warms up the planet leading to global warming. As per reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), between 1880 and 2012, the earth’s climate became warmer by 0.85 degrees centigrade. If greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed immediately, and sustainability is not taken seriously, the world is in great trouble. That’s why we do all the legal steps for American citizens to join us on the RED Platform as soon as possible.

How can we reduce it through green practices?

From now on, sustainability must be your goal, and to achieve this, here is a list of green practices.

Transportation is one area where you can begin. Carpooling is a great practice to contribute to the creation of green energy. Also, it is best to avoid car journeys and switch to cycling or even walking whenever possible. In addition, you can save energy by reducing your intake of animal products and composting organic waste.

Another step towards sustainability is to try not to waste water. Harvesting rainwater and building hand pumps are effective steps. There are many other areas where you can incorporate green practices, like using non-conventional energy resources, waste management, etc.

Summing up

The temperatures on earth are rising. We are facing more environmental calamities now than ever before, and all of this is a result of our carbon footprints. Therefore, it is high time for us to think and bring about significant lifestyle changes to deal with the issue. For this, the RED Platform helps us through its carbon offset system based on blockchain technology.