The Do’s & Don'ts to Ensure Credible Carbon Offsetting

The Do’s & Don’ts to Ensure Credible Carbon Offsetting

The Do’s & Don'ts to Ensure Credible Carbon OffsettingClimate change is a rising concern for the survival of the upcoming generations. It impacts not only the living conditions but also the profitability of businesses. That’s why companies should use carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint. Let’s find out more about carbon offsetting through this article.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the process of reducing the harmful effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by limiting harmful emissions into the atmosphere. These gases are spread all over the Earth’s atmosphere. Hence, even the carbon offsetting process being done far from where the carbon emissions were emitted will be beneficial. When carbon reductions are equal to the total carbon footprint of activity, it is called a carbon-neutral activity.

How does it Help in the Climate Crisis?

Any project that reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere is called a carbon offset project. The corporations measure the amount of carbon they emit. Then they buy a carbon offset to neutralise that amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting is beneficial in the following ways:

  •     The carbon offsetting process results in improved air quality. Carbon emissions degrade air quality and lead to multiple health issues, including asthma, respiratory allergies, and lung cancer.
  •     Reducing carbon emissions protects ecosystems and provides us with cleaner air, water, and food.
  •     It helps in increasing natural carbon sinks, an area of forest large enough to absorb carbon dioxide, and reduces the effects of global warming. These are forests, soil, and oceans. 

How to Ensure your Carbon Offsetting is Credible?

Carbon offsetting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint without halting your business. But it’s only effective when you are investing in a credible carbon offset program. Hence, follow these tips to ensure your carbon offsetting is credible: 

  •     Ensure it fits your business: The carbon offset project should fall in line with your business. It will help you and your stakeholders to understand your carbon offset project.  
  •     Always look at the standards involved: Offsets with Voluntary Gold Standard (VGS) and Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) offer extra credibility. These are the projects that actually make a difference. Invest in a project that is checked continuously on the actual reductions it achieved.
  •     Analyse the duration and performance: Invest in projects that last for a long time. Ask and analyse how the carbon offset projects tackle their duration and performance. If you’re investing in a reforestation project, ask them how they will ensure the good health of trees after planting is done. 
  •     Request transparency on the specified price of carbon offsetting: Since the Voluntary Carbon Market is unregulated, a lot of projects require fewer costs than their buying price. Plus, the location, type, size, and duration of the project also affect its cost. Ask for a transparent record to ensure your money is being spent in the right place.
  •     Be critical of how you will measure carbon offsetting: Ask for clear data and numbers to check the carbon reduction. Ensure that the carbon measurements are transparently reported. They cannot be claimed as actual carbon offsets without the carbon credit serial number.  
  •     Consider whether you want to take local or international measures: There are local, national, and international carbon offset projects available. Choosing a local project will help the local economy and an international project will contribute to your reputation in the market.

On the other hand, if you don’t respect these things, you will attract people’s uncertainty about the credibility of carbon offsets. So, pay more attention to these tips.

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