RED Franchise

Start your own sustainability business.

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Chance of winning

By becoming a franchise owner and partner of RED, you can take clean energy to the next level:

Who is this business for?


Who want to develop their own business in the field of energy and have a passive source of income from the energy and gas consumption of their own network of friends and contacts.

Legal Entities

Who have potential customers, both individuals and companies, and want a business or line of business in the field of energy without the risks and complexity of supply.

Become a RED business partner

by acquiring a franchise in your country.

Acquire franchise


Users will be able to acquire 1 franchise for every 10,000 inhabitants in every country at the price of 100,000 MWAT.

By proving your renewable energy expertise in our customized test, you can upgrade to the role of Validator for your franchise area and verify users’ claims to GTK and REO-G tokens, earning even more with commissions paid in MWAT.

Owning a flexible business in a rapid-growing market

Every franchise owner is issued a unique ERC-721 token called             V-LEC, for 50% of the MWAT necessary for the franchise.

The other 50% of the price in MWAT will remain staked in your wallet on the RED platform for a minimum period of 12 months.

Your franchise’s V-LEC token contains the specific details of the business, such as the country for which you hold the franchise and can be bought and sold just like any other business and can appreciate in value based on your franchise growth.

There has never been an easier way to acquire or sell a sustainable business!

RED Franchise owners can also diversify their business

By helping their contacts, friends, and clients to easily switch suppliers on the RED platform. By enrolling new clients on the platform, franchise owners will earn a monthly passive income that will help them grow their business. This option is available for franchises after energy and gas suppliers join the RED platform in their country. Encourage others to opt for renewable energy, help them find the best offers, and to act environmentally responsible.

Become a sustainable energy entrepreneur today!

Getting started as a RED franchise owner is as easy as downloading our web and mobile app here

Download the application

The app will take you through the process step by step – buy and stake MWAT tokens and request your unique V-LEC token. And then?

Become a sustainability entrepreneur today!