Are You an Energy Supplier

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Become a RED partner and offer your sustainability services to companies around the world using unique tools based on blockchain technology.

What is RED ?

RED is a global energy platform that allows any natural or legal person to transform their network of contacts into energy consumers.

What are the benefits of energy providers on RED?

RED partner energy providers can access millions of potential new customers converted through the many RED V-LEC virtual franchises around the world. You earn new clients at a fraction of the typical fees paid to an energy broker. Enter the profitable market of microvolumes, household consumers, and SMEs! 

What new features can we offer consumers through RED?

RED uses advanced Blockchain and IoT technologies to provide vendors with unique functionality in the marketplace.

Millions of potential new clients

Profitable market

Blockchain technologies

IoT technologies


The unique payment collection platform for suppliers that allows consumers to pay scheduled energy bills in both FIAT and digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, MWAT)

Blockchain Transparency

Offers your consumers 100% transparency by recording the most important events from the interaction with them on Blockchain (issuing and paying invoices, consumption, notifications)

Carbon Footprint

Certifies on the blockchain the energy mix provided, offering consumers the unique possibility to calculate their carbon footprint;

Demand Response

View, incentivize, and control in real time the consumption curve of consumers in your portfolio (Service available only with RED IoT Sensors and Gateway)

REO-G Trading

Consumers can purchase REO-G digital tokens directly from producers that certify the origin of renewable energy on the Blockchain

GTK Trading

Consumers receive GTK tokens based on the percentage of renewable energy they consume from the suppliers registered on the RED platform.

Green Certificate

With a digital Green Certificate, you can prove on a public blockchain that you are a sustainable company that supports the production of renewable energy as well as the amount of CO2 avoided in the atmosphere. Your business partners, customers, and suppliers will be delighted to work with a sustainable company and to check this information publicly at any time.

Certificat Verde

Cu un Certificat Verde digital poți demonstra pe un blockchain public că ești o companie sustenabilă care sprijină producția de energie regenerabilă precum și cantitatea de CO2 evitată în atmosferă. Partenerii tăi de afaceri, clienții și furnizorii vor fi încântați că lucrează cu o companie sustenabilă și că pot verifica oricând public aceste informații.

How can I become a RED partner?

Very simple

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