Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Offsetting your company’s carbon footprint may seem like an overwhelming task, but on the RED Platform you will find all the necessary instruments and specialists to make this task a complete success.

How to Calculate Your Company’s Carbon Footprint?

Contact a RED Franchise – choose the one you prefer here and let our experts guide you through the carbon footprint calculation process.

Provide the franchisee with the necessary information in order to calculate Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of your company’s footprint.

You will receive a complete report validated by our experts. This document will provide useful information for reducing your carbon footprint and an analysis of the details.


RED Franchises

RED franchisees are business partners who have access to RED Platform tools to help companies and users to calculate and offset their carbon emissions. The process is simple, and you will only need to follow their guide.

Calculate the carbon footprint in 3 steps

1. Company details

Information related to the company for which the footprint calculation is performed.

2. Report details

The company’s corporate carbon emissions can be collected in a template document downloaded from the app, or introduced in this step.

3. Emissions result

You will receive a complete report of your carbon emissions and will be offered the opportunity to offset it directly.